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The Water Services Regulatory Board (Wasreb)

The Water Services Regulatory Board (Wasreb) is a regulatory state corporation established by the Water Act 2002, this law was repealed by the Water 2016 operationalized in April 2017. Section 70 (1) of the Water Act 2016 established Wasreb with the main objective to protect the interests and rights of consumers in the provision of water services, while ensuring other stake-holders interests are also safeguarded.

Ministry Of Water And Sanitation

In May 2013 through Executive Order No. 2/2013 the Ministry of Environment Water and Natural Resources (MEWNR) was established and mandated to undertake protection, conservation and development of environment and natural resources for sustainable development. In 2013, the government, in line with the Constitution, rationalized the portfolio, responsibilities and functions of all the ministries and other government agencies. Consequently, the Ministries of Environment and Mineral Resources, Forestry and Wildlife, Water and Irrigation and Regional Development were merged to form the Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

Athi Water

Athi Water Services Board draws its mandate from the Water Act of 2002 which includes;<br /> a. Ownership and custodian of water and sewerage assets/infrastructure.<br /> b. Planning, development, and expansion of water and sewerage services infrastructure.<br /> c. Appoint viable and well managed Water Service Providers and ensure they have appropriate systems to among others:<br /> i. Enforce water quality monitoring,