Universal access to efficient drinking water supply and sanitation services is the footing for the fulfillment of basic human needs and backs to the achievement of all the Sustainable Development Goals. Inclusive, participatory and gender sensitive governance of water and collaboration between different stakeholders can help to overcome inequity and prevent conflicts in access to water and thus contribute to poverty purge, social economic development and improve the living conditions and educational chances, especially of women and children. We at Murang’a water have made remarkable progress from inception to enhance inclusivity in all our areas of water governance and this has ensured continued development. Indeed my board is composed of Men ,women, youths and persons with disabilities .

We continue making innumerable steps in enhancing benchmark service levels in all our operations. We are indeed overseeing the review of our strategic plan that will runs until 2025 in which we have committed to ensuring water and sewer infrastructure development through the county government of Murang’a ,the national government and the development partners. We have committed to developing customer support programs that will promote good interactions, customer connections mapping, customer identification and non-revenue water reduction. We have embarked on a journey towards being ISO certified .We are supporting our members of staffs in achieving all the technical and social knowledge that will ensure coherent grip on quality management systems that will surely put our interactions with you to another level. Weneed you to remain our happy customer.

As a regional leader in water and sanitation provider ,we continue promoting clean and safe water by diversifying our range of products. We thus proudly started Fort Beverages Company which is shaping water bottling in Kenya and the East African region . Our first brand, FORT AQUA has been cleared by the Kenya bureau of standards (Kebs) to move into the Kenya Market. I urge all to consume our own products and you’ll experience the best product tang.

Last but not least I would like to thank our esteemed customers for their continued credence in our service provision, My members of the board for their good governance merits, the Murang’a water management team and all Murang’a water and sanitation staffs for their continued efforts in ensuring safe and reliable service delivery.

I wish you a happy year full of God’s rewards and grace.

Dr. Peter Munga