Access to reliable, clean and safe water resources is vital for sustainable development for all countries in the world, in particular for the least developed countries. Water is a cross cutting resource and underpins all development aspects: it is essential for human health, food security, sustainable economic development, social progress and sound ecosystems. Climate driven water hazards, water scarcity and variability pose significant risks to all economic activity, such as food and energy production, manufacturing and infrastructure development, as well as political stability. Aware of these prime factors, regulatory guidelines and water governance frameworks, the sustainable development goals and our constitution and importantly the water act 2016,we continue improving on service delivery and population reach.

We are glad to announce irrevocable growth of water coverage in our area of supply towards our goal of universal access to water and sanitation. This development of the water infrastructure has been realized thanks to the county government of Murang’a and the overwhelming backing of our development partners and the water services trust fund. To the people of Kambiti and the lower kambirwa, you’ll no longer experience lack of water challenges, we have re-opened Kayahwe treatment facility thanks to the National government through the Athi Water Works Development Agency.

We continue improving our services in bounds in order to ensure a good customer experience.Late last year we made strategic choice of pursuing international standards on quality management systems QMS. This system will help us ensure compliance in the documented policies ,procedures and provide a work instruction guide that will guide a continual improvement as well as documenting of our service processes that will form a basis for repetition ,help eliminate variation within the processes, improve efficiency and reduce the cost of quality. This process will also promote our service reputation by conforming to Kebs ,Iso and other acceptable standards and will also consider ways of enhancing customer satisfaction as well as consider opportunities to support innovation among other benefits.

We continue diversifying our range of products and notably we introduced to the market FORT AQUA. Fort aqua is our brand of bottled water, filtered for purity using state of the art advanced technology observing the highest standards of quality. We believe our efforts of diversification and innovation can only improve our customer experience both socially, economically and financially.

We look forward in achieving greater milestones together and we cannot fail to recognize your noble contributions in making us a reputable service delivery agent. I thus would like to thank our esteemed customers, stakeholders, development partners, board members and my staffs for your efforts in helping Muwasco realize clean and safe water dream. Thank you once again.

Eng Daniel Ng'anga