In August this year, MUWASCO in conjunction with the Murang'a County Government will host the 13th Annual WASCO Games in Murang'a County. It's not just a sports event but a celebration of friendship among water companies. From August 12th to 16th, teams from different water companies will come together, showing unity beyond their jobs. The Games are a chance for water professionals to compete in a friendly way, promoting teamwork. It goes beyond water management, letting participants connect and share experiences. As people from different companies gather in Murang'a, the event becomes a mix of ideas, showing a shared commitment to reliable water services. Besides competition, the Games display athleticism and talent in the water sector. Various events will highlight the skills of those providing essential water services. It emphasizes the importance of not just professional expertise but also the well-being of the workforce. The Games also offer a chance for networking and sharing knowledge, contributing to improvement in the water sector. The impact extends beyond the sector, involving the local community through outreach, exhibitions, and awareness campaigns. The goal is to educate people on water conservation and the crucial role of water companies. Essentially, the Annual WASCO Games are more than just sports; they represent shared values, talent celebration, and a commitment to communities' well-being. MUWASCO's hosting role shows its dedication to delivering water services and building connections that strengthen the water sector. The event is expected to be a memorable symbol of unity among water companies.