• By applying industry standards, the most recent certified testing equipment, and a dedicated testing staff, MUWASCO can satisfy all of your water testing needs.
  • Utilities, other water authorities, and meter unit providers can perform unbiased studies of flow measurement thanks to our testing capabilities.
  • In our facilities, water meters may be tested in a range of operational conditions that are similar to those they would experience in use.
  • Meter servicing is provided without charge.
  • A further basis for meter testing is claimed tampering-induced anomalous usage.
  • If your water meter has been faulty and unusable for a while, it might be time to fix it. Indeed, a malfunctioning water meter can lead to a variety of problems.
  • Your pipes either have a leak or something is blocking water from getting through them if the needle on your water meter isn't moving at all or is moving extremely slowly. This can be the result of both a broken pipe and a loose pipe connection.
  • Another situation is that the water provider would have to fix or replace the meter themselves. A water meter usually has to be repaired since it has been damaged for a long and stopped working.